An Interior Design Career

Give people thought's they've never and change their living space at the same time! From Interior Designer to Real Estate Agent.

mieya hardee

It's time to go all in on this. It's time to take your visions of spaces to a new level. Lets go inside and look at the career of influencer and interior designer Mieya Hardee from Fathom Realty. She shares some words with us.  She is specifically an interior decorator for millennials.

Her first client was a mom. Can you imagine?! The space probably had to be versatile and flexible to change needs for space for occasions and family gettogethers. 

Here are 9 pointers to stay informed of: 

1: Know that Interior Design is a skill, you have to train your eye for it. You have to practice, stage things, play with textures and themes, know what the client is looking for in the space and find what dimensions are best complimented by what shape furniture, etc. YouTube always helps!

2.Perfection is not professionalism. You can be perfect to yourself to the point where customer service gets lost. Your standards for yourself should not be different than the standards from your customers.

3.Real estate is in the horizon because it every millionaire has dipped their toe in it! Learn how homes and rentals are marketed. Try a video of your staging expertise! Of course photos are great to add to your portfolio.

5. Properties change over time. You have to ride the wave.  Ways of selling your service in real estate will go on with or without you. 

6. Work off your debt. Don't go into an investment in the red. Be smart about how you can have your money for you. Do methods like the snowball effect to get started. 

7. Your friends are your supporters. True friends that are with you even before you start making money and don't hate on you or make you feel stupid or weird about your endeavors and dreams.

8. Be transparent about how hard business is and that you are not perfect. Show and tell people what is happening behind the scenes with you emotionally and mentally. Let them know your good days and your bad. The is no such thing as an easy business. If that were the case, we would all be CEOs haha.

9. Balance between personal content and brand content. There has to be a balance between the two or a mesh of the two. An unbalance or complete separation will make you not seem so confidence on both sides of the fence. You can seem all with on your Instagram business page and clueless personally on your personal one. Prospects and/or customers may fall off instead of gravitating to your other content. 

Remember those questions from the preview blog? Here's your answers

Why are you starting interior design? You have solutions to space issues that people have whether lack of space or too much to deal with! You have fun and experience with color palettes, shapes, balance and of course, vibes!

What does an interior designer do? Interior designers make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful for almost every type of building. They achieve this by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials

Which degree is best for interior design? A bachelor's is a good place to start. Take classes in visual arts, graphic design, photography, color grading. These are just a few!

What are the qualities of a good interior designer? Diverse,  you soak up inspiration like a sponge, never stop learning, patience, initiator, forward thinking and open minded, knowledgable on the space's functionality. 

Action Item of the week

What have you learned from other designers in your city? Get some perspectives so that you can see a new vision for someone else!

Happy decorating!

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