Bold Babes Co celebrates 3 Years of Business by Giving Away $5000 worth of Business Tools and Services

If you’re not following me on facebook or instagram, then you probably haven’t seen my recent post about Bozoma Saint John’s personal branding course and why I’m absolutely enraged about it. 

Long story short, I had personally been holding off on buying Bozoma’s course because as an online entrepreneur that has been gaslit by online coaches for 4 plus years now, I assumed that because of her status the course would automatically be out of my price range. 

Just doing some manifestation work, I decided to check out the cost of the course so that I would be prepared to pay for it later. 


That’s all it costs for the whole thing! 

Which made me so mad to think that I wasn’t the only one holding back from awesome programs. 

I either assumed they were out of my price range due to the experience of the instructor; or I wouldn’t get any value out of the course if the price was too low. 

So what the hell are you really supposed to charge for online education content? 

My general opinion is that online courses should be priced that way the community college courses are. Check out your local community college and see how much they charge per credit hour. I’d also check out the experience, and prestige of their faculty. This will help you to determine whether you should price above or below their average credit hour. 

Once you’ve found your credit hour rate multiply it by the average time it takes someone to complete your course. 


Selected Credit Hour Rate = $30 

Average Time to Complete Your Course: 8 hours 

Price ~ $240 

Obviously this is in no way an in depth dive into pricing of digital products which is why our team is thinking about creating that guide. 

If you would be interested in learning more about pricing digital products reply back ‘’yes” to this email. 

Now onto the treats! 

If you haven’t been around since 2018, then you’re probably not aware that our birthday is on the very last day of the month! 

In celebration of turning 3, we have decided to give our bold babes a treat for riding with us to toddlerhood. 

3 Weeks of Giveaways 

Starting July 12th, our instagram team will be giving away free Bold Babes Companies products EVERYDAY until July 31st! 

That includes gift cards, podcast advertising packages, and event marketing services

Follow us on instagram to learn how to enter! 

P.S. All of our products are 30% off through the 31st, no code required 

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