You're More than Just a Business, Here's how to Communicate That.

Brittani Miller is a communications and marketing maven who has worked with brands like McDonalds, Lexus, Toyota, and F45. Brittani understands that the key for small business owners building new relationships is having intentional conversations. 

Here is a little bit about Brittani that got her to where she is today

Brittani for a Bachelor's of Art degree in Communications Studies

Born in LA, she moved to Dallas 3 years after college, became realtor, and also manages a fitness studio

This 32 year old has experienced life changing tragedies that has made her a stronger person.

When Brittani's was a child, her cousin drowned while her and her family was on vacation. Sadly, her second cousin died in motorcycle accident few years later.

Brittani slowly let herself go, emotionally and physically, then soon was put in a coma for 6 days.

Lessons to learn

1. You have to get people to experience the product. Experience with something connects people more with the item or service.

2. Work advertising and working events to get in front of people.

3. Engaging with people is important.

4. You don't have to talk about your product directly all the time.

5. Communication is about what you say, how you say it and who you say it to. It is not just about saying sentences.

6. What is your relationship to the person you are speaking to? Knowing this will determine how you handle the conversation.

7. Build a rapport over time with your clients, Rome wasn't built in a day!

8. What questions are people asking in the industry?

9. Show vulnerability and transparency.

10. Connect with people on more than just your business. You are more than just a business, you are a person who has interests, hobbies and inspirations.

11. Gain influence that will last, communication is a marathon- not a sprint.

12. Remember that people have assumptions about you.

13. Be of value with your words!

14. There are tricks to create an authentic memory and connection( more details in the class)

15. Be observant to stay on trend and updated in your community

16.Give back! help other people, how do you want other people to perceive you?

17. There is a formula to get people to stop and read your content! (more details in the class)

18. Have your content read in a way that makes sense and matches your brand voice

19. There are so many ways to batch your content to stay stress free!

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