Coming Back from the Dead to Kill It

Jo Lam's guest, Shie Fleming who is a financial strategist in the real estate industry sat down to speak revelation and rebirth. Let check it out! 

It all started when Shie was in the delivery room. The doctors needed to pop the baby's placenta. During this procedure Shie had a contraction which sucked contents from the placenta into her bloodstream. This resulted in blood poisoning.

She could feel herself slipping, her knew something wasn't right. Shie suddenly couldn't move her legs and her face turned purple.

She started loosing a lot of blood and needed a blood transfusion- 9 bags to be exact but the hospital didn't have her blood type.

Shie was then put in slight coma while her daughter Journey daughter put in NICU

During visits, they could feel angels and devils were fighting over her spirit says two friends that came to see her.

After about a month of recovery, Shie went through a divorce while going through awakening.

At the same time, her business was just getting started, she was going through foreclosures left and right.

Shie felt different , says her realty was altered.

The Takeaway

Relationships take mental space and you have to separate yourself to further her destiny to its fullest.

Definition of soulmate

A person you connect with for a reason and season to elevate you. I know some people are probably thinking, well its that just using people? NO, some people are not meant to stay in your life for years and years, relationships are not set in stone, people take different paths which will physically grow you apart from others. It is not to say you are better than someone because they can be benefited from your separation as well and may internally agree. It is not always about you-think of others.

Tap more and more into you emotional feelings and spiritual yearnings-you will get confirmation in some way.

After some research and YouTube videos, Shie found out she was an earth angel

Lesson (Set your intentions, do the work, manifestation will show itself)

To think this all started while in her 20s to set out to get a house with her boyfriend at the time- got approved for one with no experience, a bit of googling, 2 paystubs and a decent credit score, seen how easy it was to replicate- decided to invest in the real estate journey.

If you remember nothing else, know to accept what you have and do things intentionally.

Nearly dying is like a rebirth.

Be careful what you ask for, you never know how it is going to come.

If you would like to hear this story, check out Jo's podcast.


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