Become a Copywriter with no experience

Copywriter Ashley Jones  is the owner of

Post Modern Indigenous is a  digital arts magazines that consists of interviews with artists and those who live a creative lifestyle.

Ashley believes that her site is a flagship for collaborations and helps people share their stories.

Here are some take ways:

Writing is a marathon-time is king

Internships are not necessary- you don't have to follow traditional paths

Look for copywriting jobs- start with level you can handle and are confident in

You never know who you will meet- your next big break could be next to you

Network- reach across the isle, put an image of yourself in other's mind

4 ways to pitch 

1. Niche down- focus on a topic inside your industry that you love
2. Send warm pitches- email solicited opportunities once a week
3. Look at successful people- focus what they focus on, watch their actions
4. Write for people's websites- this will help your portfolio grow!


Jones moved to Dallas a few years after college and never looked back, should you? What is holding you where you currently are? 

How to monetize your work $$$

The feeling of doing something independently should drive you enough to keep going in the first place. Without motivation and pride in what you are doing- it will be hard to keep going. 

Its about the ask! You have to be fearless in asking for money in exchange for your services. Do not be ashamed of what you can provide.

Not every pitch will land interest. You will not get a yes every time you offer your services. 

Watch people in the field you love. See what they take interest in and how they study and learn. You have to mentally think like he/she does.

Be realistic- Is it your lifestyle? Can you see yourself writing for the joy of it and have something to say or because you want attention.

What is your inspiration? Motivation is the push for everything you. Something has to remind you why you are doing what you are doing.


The industry that Dallas is known for....Finance


 Rivalry is real. There will be people out there that simply do not want to help you. Keep your head high and stay positive.

some inspirations that Jones keeps up with are...

 Questions you may have about copywriting

What does a copywriter do? Copywriters provide written content in different forms, whether that is long form, sort form and bulleted.

Is copywriting a good career? Yes, you can explore different venues in types of copy wo write. You can be contracted and work with great companies or independent and charge as much as you want. 

Is being a copywriter hard? Yes for some, no for others. Practice is necessary to work on your flow and keeping readers' interest.

How much copywriters make? Copywriters make $35k-$65k per year

Start your blog, start your article, start your Facebook post today!


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