Become A Copywriter with NO experience? Preview

Copywriter Ashley Jones  is the owner of

Post Modern Indigenous is a  digital arts magazines that consists of interviews with artists and those who live a creative lifestyle.

Ashley believes that her site is a flagship for collaborations and helps people share their stories.

Here are some take- aways:

Writing is a marathon

Internships are not necessary

Look for copywriting jobs 

You never know who you will meet


Stay tuned for 4 ways to pitch to the media! 


Jones moved to Dallas a few years after college and never looked back, should you?

Jones will also share how to monetize your work, so you can get paid to write.


Questions that we will answer next week!

What does a copywriter do?

Is copywriting a good career?

Is being a copywriter hard?

How much do copywriters make?

 Homework- Keep writing!

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