Forget sex, think self

I know what your thinking, an esthe- what?

An esthetician is a beautician, someone who is knowledgable about the \nature and appreciation of beauty.

Now, this topic may get a few of you uncomfortable in that chair of yours right now (yes we can see you haha). The topic of vaginal health, vagina confidence, and vaginal pursuit of happiness is today's cup of tea!  

Be careful- it's hot!

Darlene Johnson Her Secret Garden V- Steam and Spa

Licensed Esthetician, co-founder of Her Secret Garden V Steam Bar, certified herbalist and owner of beauty for lashes came across the concept of vaginal steaming after googling emotional release practices during a strained marriage.

She learned that "vaginal facials" have health benefits, creates confidence, and opens the dialogue to other marital issues besides sex.

These sessions gave Darlene the courage to walk away from the marriage. She discovered that it was not just the lack of what she was receiving from someone else, but something within her that she was not giving herself.

Forget: Sex is all I need from my spouse, it will define how happy my marriage will be.

Think: Something you have never heard of can change your life for the better if you CHOOSE to chase a solution for yourself.

While becoming an esthetician Darlene studied essential oils, consulted clients, and educated them on issues they were having and how to combat. 

It is not enough to talk someone through their problems, you have to TEACH so they can have tools to combat their hurdles.

The habits of not watching tv, reading more, write in journals, and getting closer to your inner spirituality will open up a window of phycological availability to make you more capable of and receptive to positive things around you.

You become what you put out into the world.

You have to tap into your self-being, look into chakras!

Have a support team to guide you through your journey and experiences. It's helpful to know that you are not alone.

Your tribe is growing slowly but surely, focus on individuals, not groups.

Forget: Quantity

Think: Quality

Bounce ideas around and talk to clients, you will be surprised who finds you and enjoys your services.

Darlene looks at moon cycles, knows that her body is a temple, full of light, speaks energy and positivity. These practices help you keep your head up and find a source of happiness.

Did you know that your upbringing has a lot to do with how you express yourself today? Yes! The way you were treated is the way you grow up to treat yourself. That is why it is important to soul search cleanse your body of degrading energies and mental baggage.

Vaginal health is very important, from smell to look to feel.

Here are some final thoughts from Ms. Johnson

  • Self-love is king
  • Heal from your past 
  • Your eating habits should change for the better as you get older 
  • Your body changes... get over it

With her degree in business administration, she was able to use her skills to build her business. You can as well, use what you know to grow!

As a student at a religious university, living as a Christian helped keep her on a path of faith and willingness to get back up.

Forget: Religion 

Think: Spiritual

Religion is a routine spirituality is a lifestyle.

Your life should have a style- not a pattern.


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