10 Steps For Systems Thinkers!

Ashley Allison has a lot to say when it comes  to profits and how to get them! Have you been told that everything happens for a reason? Well when it comes to business, this is true because order is key.

Ashley is a sales and marketing coach who knows how to get results. Let's break down some of her knowledge.

Step 1.Do your market research, it is crucial

Step 2. People have to want , then need, and lastly buy. This is the equation you want

Step 3. Find out your pricing. Pricing is important, so make sure you pay attention to what numbers are not getting enough attention and what is sending people away

Step 3. Know the different between target marketing and avatar marketing (specify your services)

Step 4. Niche down as much as possible . Expectations are given to experts, so know what you are talking about (wink wink)

Hot, warm, and cold leads are what u need to recognize and compartmentalize. Know the difference between all 3.

Step 5. Solve their problem!

When you are networking, have a 1 line statement to tell people what you do. Keep it simple but specific

Step 6. Social media sales funnel -make one. It will keep all your prospects separated per different reasons and allows you to know how to approach them individually

Trivia time!

K.L. T can you guess what this stands for?

A.I.D.A- what about this one?

Let people know you are open for discussion on your platforms and share them respectively

Step 7: Show up consistently and create an irresistible offer. 

Types of content

Social proof

Why content, What content, How content 

Step 8: Use systems to get your business in multiple place at once. See how your audience reacts to your videos to gauge length and other elements

Elements of your caption/video copy

Hook, Sink, Body, CTA

Here are some of Ashley's copywriting tips

- Be clear with your words, say what you mean literally-get to the point quick

- Keep your copy clean and readable, this makes your copy scroll friendly

- Proofread

- Use emojis professionally

- Be aware of "yall and heys, guys,etc)

Self analyze checklist

Ask urself this before you post

✅ What is the purpose?

✅ What do u want your reader to feel?

✅ Will this catch their attention?

✅ Is this avatar based content?

✅ What do I want them to do?

✅ Is this able to be DM'd?

Step 9: Respond to responses

Step 10: Sell the end result!- sell the answer!


* There is a difference between high and low ticket triggers (why they are buying?)

* Find your selling mistakes because every approach doesn't work on everybody and some are just not professional or efficient

There are more secrets in her Q&A section of her class!











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