An Interior Design Career

Give people thought's they've never and change their living space at the same time!

It's time to go all in on this. It's time to take your visions of spaces to a new level. Lets go inside and look at the career of influencer and interior designer Mieya Hardee. She shares some words with us.  She is specifically an interior decorator for millennials.

Her first client was a mom. Can you imagine?! The space probably had to be versatile and flexible to change needs for space for occasions and family gettogethers. 

Here are 9 pointers to look out for: 

1: Interior Design is a skill, you have to train your eye for it

2.Perfection is not professionalism

3.Real estate is in the horizon because it every millionaire has dipped their toe in it!

5. Properties change over time

6. Work off your debt

7. Your friends are your supporters

8. Be transparent about how hard business is and that you are not perfect

9. Balance between personal and brand content

Answer these questions:

Why are you starting interior design?

What does an interior designer do?

Which degree is best for interior design?

What are the qualities of a good interior designer?

Action Item of the week

Find an interior design association in your city and see what you can learn and reach for opportunities. 

See you in the full blog!


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