Meet Jewels Clark: A Dallas Entrepreneur Giving Back to the Dallas Creative Community


Jewels Clark Ceo of How to Be Social

Jewels Clark, CEO of How to Be Social, gives back to the Dallas creative community in an effort to patch up financial holes left in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic with a special event. The event, Social Sounds: A Listening Party [SOCIAL SOUNDS], will be a FREE event that will take place across all social media platforms on Oct. 29, 2020 from 7 PM to 9 PM. The aim of the event will be to raise $5,000 which will go to the 13 artists performing that night.


SOCIAL SOUNDS can be streamed live across any social media platforms from the How to Be Social YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, and LinkedIn accounts. A collection of up and coming artists local to DFW will be performing in ten-minute segments.


Artists Include:


  1. Creator Jewels
  2. Night Stand Lamps
  3. Carly Bearden
  4. SPCMN
  5. Averi Burk
  6. LaVoyce
  7.    Kelvin Thomas
  8. Alex Oaiza
  9. Lil K00n
  10. Dez Walker
  11. Key Leblanc
  12. Cameron Cook


In addition to performing at and hosting SOCIAL SOUNDS, Jewels Clark aka Creator Jewels will be performing her new single called ‘Seasons’ which will be officially released on all streaming platforms Oct. 25. Jewels explains the inspiration behind the song, “We all go through seasons of life. This song resonates with those early years of constantly questioning yourself. Am I doing what’s in line with who I truly am? This question has been an intrusive thought for the majority of my career. I want people to hope that things will get better and that better days will come. Everything you’re going through right now is exactly as it’s meant to be. Just keep growing. Go with the flow and never question what brings you joy.”


Donations have already begun. You can donate here. You can register to attend this free event here.


About How to Be Social:

How to Be Social is on a mission to eliminate the term “starving artist”. By matching brands and businesses with a carefully crafted team of professional creatives from the How to Be Social portfolio, any brand campaign can be possible. With over 35 artists, videographers, models, photographers, musicians, actors, etc. How to Be Social is slowly becoming the biggest creative consultancy in Dallas.

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