Just do it

Ashley Allison is back!

Are you tired of starting your engines and never changing gears? Well its about time that people see things in you that you don't see in yourself.

Let's get started shall we!

Do what comes natural

Don't try to do what everyone else is doing because it is popular. Recognize and focus on your skills and talent. There is a reason you are put on this Earth and it is not to be a copycat. Take inventory of your behavior and lifestyle. What do you notice you do and get a lot of compliments on. What do you find yourself doing as a hobby where time flies by. What makes you happy? 

Pro tip- Notice the things you don't enjoy doing and do process of elimination. This helps weed out things a bit faster.

Stop Over Planning 

There is going to be a time and a place where getting ready is not enough. Over planning slows your momentum of excitement about the process because you are in constant prep mode. Would you like studying for an exam that never comes? ...Exactly- what would be the point of studying? Learning on your feet and in the field training is always better than classroom preparation anyhow! Enough is enough.

Stop overflowing the cup and complaining that the cup is too small! It's not a them problem, it's a you problem. Planning is a guide, a backup, a direction and schedule. It is no the whole process itself, because if you solely depend on every single word you've written down that you are setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment.

Sooner starting = sooner learning

The sooner you start the faster you can start learning from your mistakes. Mistakes make you smarter! Mistake are lessons you didn't know about. It is better to make a mistake than to miss an action that could have been taken. Regrets are the hardest things to push to the back of your head and to try to invalidate. Please go with your heart when you feel you need to make a move or change. The only person who will forever judge you is you.

Perfection doesn't exist

The idea of perfection will drive you mad. You will always be judging your content, service or product. Your projects or campaigns will never seem complete or finished. The is never a finish line with this kind of mindset. It is better to have 7 out of 10 out in the universe than a "10 out of 10" never published because its in constant revision. It is what it is.

Less is all you need

Having a lot of followers is not needed to make a culture, audience nor a profit. In fact, having a smaller audience as a micro influencer is better because you are seen as a more relatable brand with a tighter nit audience. 

Experimentation and exploration

Go outside the box, change things up often to what what else works and doesn't work. It will take time to see what your audience prefers from you, you may be shocked when you think something is not worth it. Doing this will keep things fun and interesting, while keeping your brand fresh and on trend.

The perfect time

The prefect time is now! Time will not wait for you, don't let time be bolder than you, keep up with it and keep the wheels turning. You can always make changes in your business in the meantime. If you never start you are still at the stating line while everyone else is running. Stop double, tripping checking and just go!


Dragging your feet isn't going to "slow things down" so you can keep up. You have to be willing to literally go with the flow. Distractions are not excuses, and waiting will not create a better moment in time. Get to doing the work and take action.

Chop big goals into un-failable goals

Creating smaller goals get achieved faster because they seem more believable to reach. You don't want to overwhelm yourself with too much information, deadlines and ideas all hitting you at once. Schedule, stagger and roll over your tasks to give you and/or your team time to breathe between pieces of content.

Mental training is real!

Starting and running a business is a CHOICE and you can't keep changing your mind when you get mentally pressed or emotional. You have to exercise your decision making skills and work on the areas that you see yourself slacking in, whether that be content, managing platforms, ideas, or marketing.

Time and consistency

Pay attention to trends, newsworthy topics, and what your audience is suggesting. Keep asking questions and never stop learning!


Do what is on your heart, take action without hesitation. Do it scared, it will keep you on your toes. You don't want to look back and regret something because you were afraid of the response.


When failure starts

When it seems like your strategy is loosing traction, pivot to what is working and getting attention by looking at your analytics. Don't get distracted by the "bad stuff". The universe is just steering you in a direction, it is never wrong.


Stop talking about it

Speaking it into existence  is one thing, mentioning it to your friends and family is also one thing. Once you get to putting out evidence of your work, it will gain momentum. You are never going to figure out what works if you don't do it.

You got this, Girl Program

YOU GOT THIS, GIRL! teaches women how to be their best selves while chasing their dreams through workshops, events, and mentorship programs.

We want females everywhere to achieve their goals by cultivating mindfulness, self-love, confidence, and positive mental attitudes first.

Our program provide a safe and compassionate environment for women to unleash their highest potential. Through meditation, yoga, movement, journaling, and discussion, our teachings give females the necessary tools they need to take care of their minds, bodies, and spirits while crafting a life they love.

We are dedicated to providing a supportive community to as many ladies as possible, and we have taken YGTG all around the world since launching in 2016. It is our steadfast goal to breed female leaders who have the right mindset and support system to embrace their unique selves and share their voices with the world. Our work is purely fueled from the heart, and we are on a mission to passionately foster women who go against the grain, push boundaries, love themselves, and love others.

Motivation and momentum

Never give up on yourself. Never doubt your intentions and stay positive!

Remember - you are  never alone

Stay busy! In the meantime visit her site.

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