THIS is the purpose for marketing- Preview

Sabeina Harris

The creator of #tableof18- a monthly networking dinner, host of A Seat at The Table Podcast with Sabeina Harris, and Inspire U Fest. She also recently launched a crowdfunding platform for minority owned businesses called Inspire U Media.  She got her footing doing digital marketing for real estate investment firms.

Here some things we will dive deeper into in our next blog!

  • Her growing up learning about generational wealth and about finances from her grandparents
  • She started a business out of college
  • obstacles are already preset. Being black, in the tech industry, and being a woman
  • Being  prepared for situations whether you know it or not

Here are some notes to write down!

  1. Mindset and building your community is important
  2. Death will wake you up
  3. Do what u want to do!
  4. Prioritize and be proactive with your time
  5. find your passion and pivot, you have time to figure things out and adjust
  6. Stop looking at what others are doing

Jennifer Allen with Just elope gets mentioned! Read why soon!

Sabeina wants you to remember that life is short, have no regrets and perfection does not exist!

Here are some questions that will get answered in the detailed version of this preview:


What brings you the most gratification?


What is the basic meaning of marketing?

What are the 5 marketing concepts?

What do people in marketing do?

What are the 4 types of marketing?

Stay tuned!

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