What is a Sales Funnel? Tips on How to Make One

The best way to keep the dollars rolling in and to keep a community of clients if to keep a list of them. It may seem daunting if you haven't started yet.

Today we will break down the infamous, old school method of keeping up with customers and prospects. 

1. Starting w a list of people will filter out certain targets by a series of content and actions

There is a certain  "flow" and order to get down to the people that will certainly buy from you. These proposals you can call "validators".

2. Have an offer that is a no brainer, something that will intrigue them in exchange for their email address. Email addresses are very valuable to people so make it something that they feel will solve their problem right then and there and that there is no need to wait subscribe. The pros have to outweigh the cons of doing so.

3. ROI is important to receive in speedy fashion. Make sure you give Your subscriber what they want right away, don't be a scam because they will unsubscribe, which might be the least of your worries.

You want to have 2 pages when someone comes across your site

4. Once you find your customers you will find your loyal ones sooner than later. You can expand your services to be exclusive and to create even more excitement, and wile you're at it- keep them waiting! Scarcity is a mental game that has to be played with authenticity.

5. Level up! You can also do this same funnel with a more expensive product or service

 Want more details in each tip? Check out our Academy lessons now to get a better breakdown and even some templates!

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