Why counseling is more about Yoga than talking

Angela Prior 

Owner of AP Counseling and Yoga gets deep, let's have a seat, shall we?

She is a clinical social worker, licensed in mental health, and a registered yoga teacher in Dallas, Texas.

She specializes in clinical healing, trauma relieving exercises.

Here are some reasons why counseling is more about internal and physical connection than just talking out loud for someone to hear you.

Your family history and personal story will always drive the actions you do today and as a career.

"We look forward but also look backward," Prior says. She likes to help people think of the future and look at the past only slightly.

It is important to embrace ALL of your feelings! It is ok that they all exist, we are a mixture of action and reaction.

Remember that self-care is more than skin deep.

As a counselor, being accessible to people who need your help is key,  if you practice in the city, you are more accessible to your clients compared to living in a rural area.

Self-help should be a practice, a lifestyle, be aware of your body energy. Do not be ashamed of helping yourself get better. No one can help you until you help you.

If you are someone who needs to take medication that is normal.

Pay attention to side effects and triggers during your day. This may be a signal that something needs to be addressed.

Examples are: 

  • no bathing,
  • not going to work
  • isolating yourself

Now it's time to cool down with some gems that should never be forgotten

 The universe may not take you to where you thought you wanted to be.

Your life is bigger than what you want to do. 

 Look at your successes, they are big in their own way, even when you think they are not.

Knowing what you want and want to do will keep you focused and engaged.

Connect with people virtually- customers and staff

Look inside yourself. sometimes our minds need to be held in new positions for a period of time!



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