5 keys to removing the risk from real estate

Are you a risk-taker?

Dream of reaping for your future and not a reward for right now?

Yes? Ok then- let's highlight some things that realtors like you need to stay abreast on!

Shleah Scarborough is a lifestyle realtor from Texas Urban Living Realty. Here are 5 keys that eased the hardship that came with being in the real estate industry for 4 years. 

1. You are the chosen one!

People have plans for you when you least expect it.

Your hard work isn't going unseen so no slacking....ever! You never know who is watching.

Gifts/rewards will be custom made just for you, it can be an award all the way to a paid position that didn't previously exist.

Don't look to be a leader out the gate. People will claim you to take leadership on their time.

2. Detail your service!

Educating yourself on your craft is important to succeed in real estate. 

Did you know there's a difference between realtor and licensee? A licensee is another more familiar title also known as real estate agent, who has a license to buy and sell commercial and residential property.  A realtor is a paying member of an association known as the Nation Association of Real Estate. 

3. Reality will set you free

Having transparency with your credit score will set a clean trust slate so to speak.

You have to save and be responsible. Doing this will help you put aside money for a certain goal and show others that you have good financial management skills and are trustworthy.

Structure disappears when you are your own boss. There is no predictability or schedule that stays in place. You have to improvise your days and sometimes your tasks to get them done. 

Income isn't guaranteed, Some months will be better than others and budgeting and sacrifices have to be made.

don't let the cost of health care deter you. There are premiums out there for every one.

Ask questions, you don't know what you don't. Asking can lead to resources to help you find out things you didn't know to ask.

4. Family/ work balance is crucial

Bonding with family members and loved ones helps keeps you "normal". Have a schedule made that allows you to spend certain days and time with family with no interruptions. It shows you care and that family comes first.

You have to stop yourself. You have to be aware of "work" mode and "mom" mode. There has to be consciousness and a willingness to put work aside. You can always get back to work but you can't always get you your family back.

Separate space from work. Rent out an office, this lets you turn work off when you get home. You get to reward yourself for punching out, you are more inclined to get work done so you can leave, and you will feel more accomplished knowing it took energy to do what you did today because a lot of people won't take that extra effort to separate home from work.

5. Recognize who is who 

You have to separate yourself from your company. Your company is not what makes you exist and you are not every [iece of your company. Encompassing some aspects of you is fine but it is not an all or nothing deal. That is what delegation is for!

Know where your help comes from. See things from different perspectives and fields. Doing this may surprise you with some new;y found inspiration. 

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