The Spirtual Starting Line

Manifestation is word that a lot of people may call magic. A mental and verbal practice that allows thoughts to become affirmations, to then become reality.

Jo is a big believer in spirits. and miracles. She always felt that internally we are also alive.

Joe was an immigrant who came to NY as a child, then later on moved to Texas where she currently resides.

Project Beauty CEO and founder created this non profit  for victims of sex trafficking homelessness and provide them beauty services. She also provides spiritual mentoring. Can only look good on the outside right?

Jo sat down with Brianna Gonzalez to interview her about her spiritual starting point.

Brianna is the founder of Social Chica, a marketing and management service for minority women who own small businesses. She also hosts an Instagram Live session series  about women empowerment title Girl Talk.

During her 9-5, she works at digital marketing agency, so her experience flows over to her hustle as you can see.

These two women go on to describe how spiritual awakening is not as smooth of a journey as shown in the media.

Let's take a ride down Jo's journey lane!

Joe was mainly an outcast in school, not many friends and stayed to herself.

She was really in tune with spirits as a child, which most adults blew off as her outlet for imaginary friends.

As a child, she was a palm reader which many close to her seen as a joke and fake- a scam.

"Your gifts are going to find you" says Jo, "the universe will always make sure you come back to your gifts". You cannot escape your fate, your mission on this planet- you have a job to do.

Listen to your intuition with no regrets. It can save you a lot of time, money and energy.

Going though an awakening is like a near death experience (Jo's happen to be an overnight change) -  this changes your views of the world, you realize that life is short and take nothing for granted.

Remember, we are more than what we are made of on the outside. There is more in you than you think, a strength that cannot be denied.

Jo mentions that we are too busy to look up and get out of our routine to see anything different. "You are a divine being".

 Dreams are not exclusive to certain people, you have to decide to work towards yours. Don't waste your energy on what you cannot benefit from.

You should always want better for yourself, stop and audit yourself!

Ask yourself a couple of questions:

How are you using your spare time?

Who are your friends?

Do be prepared to lose a lot of fun times on your spiritual journey, it is a sacrifice and needs attention, consistency and focus.

We all change, peoples' paths change and that is ok, everyone is not meant to stay with you. Its not personal, its vibrational" say Jo. and you will attract people who have the same vibes as you.

She then went through an activation experience of a nervous system release-it was like Jo went super psychic-energy releasing  out her spine

Energy is real! Use it wisely. Become a vessel and internally shifting yourself takes energy in itself

You need to get rid of negative energy before you can elevate

Last but not least- beware of small minded people

To hear more details from Jo, check out her podcast The Spiritual CEO with Jo Lam 



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