6 questions about videography you are too afraid to ask

Videography has always seemed like a clear cut career decision to some people- either you do it or you don't. But to others, there is a voice inside you asking questions that you are too afraid to say out loud and let alone to yourself.

It can get blurry and overwhelming really quick!

Well, let's sit with a videographer and help you get these questions acknowledged so you can cut into the confidence you need to get you to work!

QUESTION 1: What did I go to school for?

Cutts went to school for fashion design and dance.

It's ok to admit what you got your degree in. Some people are shamed to answer this because what they are doing now most likely isn't in their industry major. Don't worry, the skills you learn from one thing will always bleed into what you find as your dream skill.

Stop being shy about your past decisions, everything happens for a reason.

QUESTION 2: What digital skills am I teaching myself when no one is looking?

Shara taught herself iMovie software and Adobe Premiere Pro after seeing a gap in service for a friend.

You have to be learning every day. Push your boundaries you give yourself. Do it and ask questions and apologize later.

Take the initiative to teach yourself in your down in order to expand your skill sets. The more you know, the more you can offer as services.

Ask for opportunities, build ur resume!

QUESTION 3: Why should I take another chance on myself?

Shara was the mother of stillborn, so she knows first hand about giving yourself another chance at something she loves.

 She had to learn to listen to her body. Stress is a silent killer and has no barriers.

 Her classmate died of a heart attack while in class. Now if that isn't a wake-up call- I don't know what is.  

There will always be "slaps in the face" that you have to take advantage of it. Things are not just going to sit in your lap and wait for you to recognize them. Lief moves on with or without you, so I suggest you catch up!

QUESTION 4: What if my mind and body can't handle the workload?

The fashion industry is stressful, so she had to turn in pivot her career. It is ok to not do "dream #1" your whole life. Careers have transitions and blend together. Moving on is just another form of moving up. 

QUESTION 5:Who is really stopping me every time I think big?

Do what doesn't feel like work. It will help time fly and you will want to put in more hours without a thought.

The reason you stay thinking small is that it is EASIER. Use that energy to act on your thoughts.

 Vulnerability helps. It shows people you are human and have weaknesses. We have them, it's what you do with your vulnerability is the cake itself.

Share your story. Show people that they are not alone in their heads.

Your clientele will grow once you open your mouth about your ups and downs. You are not a business, you are a human with feelings. A business is made do function in it's, so are you.

Put out content that attracts your audience. It has to relate and be consumable. Watch your statistics and stick with what works.

QUESTION 6: Where does my competition hang out?

You have to reach out even when you're scared. Even if your competition is across the room. You have to be as fearless as they are.

Walk by faith, not by sight.

Pop up shops are a huge marketing strategy that creates excitement, urgency, and scarcity.

Modeling classes allowed Shara to learn how to work with clients in different ways

Facebook is the digital  VIP club that cannot be ignored. Reach out to businesses and organizations that have very visual demands.

Network meetings and groups. Bounce ideas and struggles off each other. Build each other up.

Cutts ends with some reminders to keep you competitive.

  • Narrow your clientele, the more exclusivity you have the more you can charge and/or upsell.
  • People underestimate your value easily, they don't know how long it takes to do your service. They do think about the logistics behind it, so try to explain your process as early as possible
  • Package ur service. This creates more value and the fear of missing out on one more thing if they don't pay more. It is a psychological move that never fails in sales.

Videography is a need, it is a service that will always be in demand. The desire for entertainment, memories, and evidence will never fade. So if you are second-guessing the industry's success, don't!

Your talent helps others and vice versa- never forget that!



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