If you love writing, you'll love coaching

Ever thought about becoming an author of your own book, but don't want to make it about yourself? Or maybe an author already?

author and fulfillment coach

Well- Tricia Sitemere, a career consultant and fulfillment coach from triciasitemere.com sat down with us to reveal some insider nuggets on how to blend the two. 

Writing while coaching!

Her mission is to help people shift and change short or long term goals or even make career changes.

Tricia is the founder of the Fulfillment Coach System called Ctrl Alt Delete...which you should check out after this by the way.

Ok, so let's turn some wheels.


To self publish or to not? self-publishing is the recommended way to go!

You get to do research and will constantly learn while in the process of writing. There is nothing wrong with learning the details.

5 secrets to help you blend writing with coaching, ready? Let's go!

1. Use your products as resources for your customers. This will be used as a tripwire to get readers to use your services

2. Format your book into more of a workbook with action items. Readers love to participate in things, even if you can't see them! It also makes your information more memorable. You are the storyteller and they are the characters.

3. Market to the public by becoming a vendor. People may not buy your book but now you can tell them about the other services you provide.

4. Have a mission for your products and services. You can't want to write a book just to say you've written one while at the same time providing services that help women succeed more in job interviews, for example.

Your product and service have to agree and align with what they were started for in the first place. Otherwise one will always seem more important than the other.

5. Make a mental switch from hobby to business. You cant do both

Successful Coaching

Niche down!

What type of coaching are you interested in?

Have an area of expertise.

Find out what you don't like doing first in that industry and reverse engineer. It will help eliminate things off your list and help guide you to a focus of interest.

 As a former recruiter, here are some quotes and takeaways of advice from Tricia!

"You don't have to have everything figured out" 

"Give urself time" but don't give yourself forever and a day! Have a pace of work ethic 

It's always easier to go big and then cut out things you don't like, compared to not exploring and struggling to broaden your thoughts.

The "checkbox" way of life may not be your path and that's ok you just have to figure out what's on your own list!

The definition of fulfillment:

Here is Ms. Sitemere's-

Feeling whole as a person, doing what you are good at, and have the talent to do every day. What do u naturally lean towards to do? 

What is your definition of fulfillment?

author and coach path

The path of an author and coach

A) Get a mentor. You don't know what you don't know. Speed that learning curve!

B) Expect the lines to blur! Solutions will not be so black and white

C) Don't feel like you have competition. Others in your field are just motivation.

D) Know your USP (unique selling proposition) 

E) Develop a client's avatar is key. If you don't know what they look like, their buying habits, budget, and interests, how will you know who will buy from you?

F) Constantly learn and ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. If you don't ask you will never know.

G) Get referrals. Ask people to spread the word about your products and services. The worst that can happen is that you will get more website views haha

H) Have and keep your morals. Stay grounded to your beliefs- stay real and authentic


1. Build your community by starting in your community. Find local people who are doing things in your field. Look in your chamber of commerce, entrepreneur centers, and business lounges

2. Research and share connections and resources. You knowing more people than someone else doesn't do anything especially if they don't know you.



Now writers, go coach and coaches- pick up a pen!

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