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Why counseling is more about Yoga than talking

Angela Prior  Owner of AP Counseling and Yoga gets deep, let's have a seat, shall we? She is a clinical social worker, licensed in mental health, and a registered yoga teacher in Dallas, Texas. She specializes in clinical healing, trauma relieving exercises. Here are some reasons why counseling is more about internal and physical connection than just talking out loud for someone to hear you. Your family history and personal story will always drive the actions you do today and as a career. "We look forward but also look backward," Prior says. She likes to help people think of the future and look at the past only slightly. It is important to embrace ALL of your feelings! It is ok...

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Forget sex, think self

I know what your thinking, an esthe- what? An esthetician is a beautician, someone who is knowledgable about the \nature and appreciation of beauty. Now, this topic may get a few of you uncomfortable in that chair of yours right now (yes we can see you haha). The topic of vaginal health, vagina confidence, and vaginal pursuit of happiness is today's cup of tea!   Be careful- it's hot! Licensed Esthetician, co-founder of Her Secret Garden V Steam Bar, certified herbalist and owner of beauty for lashes came across the concept of vaginal steaming after googling emotional release practices during a strained marriage. She learned that "vaginal facials" have health benefits, creates confidence, and opens the dialogue to other marital issues besides...

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6 questions about videography you are too afraid to ask

Videography has always seemed like a clear cut career decision to some people- either you do it or you don't. But to others, there is a voice inside you asking questions that you are too afraid to say out loud and let alone to yourself. It can get blurry and overwhelming really quick! Well, let's sit with a videographer and help you get these questions acknowledged so you can cut into the confidence you need to get you to work! QUESTION 1: What did I go to school for? Cutts went to school for fashion design and dance. It's ok to admit what you got your degree in. Some people are shamed to answer this because what they are doing...

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How to Cash in on Photography

Photography may seem simple, but there is an art to how you portray something, Want to know how the visual arts can help you share your story? Thought so! Bessy Martinez (@justbessym)  is a photographer who used family hurdles to propel herself to a better position to carry them. Here are 5  things that will help you benefit from this creative outlet. Curiosity can develop into hobbies, which then turn into careers. There is rarely a clear line when going from one to another. Your drive to learn more about photography will keep you thirsty in an industry that is always evolving. Storytelling is important. You have to be able to relay a sequence of events, a beginning, middle, and...

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