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5 keys to removing the risk from real estate

Are you a risk-taker? Dream of reaping for your future and not a reward for right now? Yes? Ok then- let's highlight some things that realtors like you need to stay abreast on! Shleah Scarborough is a lifestyle realtor from Texas Urban Living Realty. Here are 5 keys that eased the hardship that came with being in the real estate industry for 4 years.  1. You are the chosen one! People have plans for you when you least expect it. Your hard work isn't going unseen so no slacking....ever! You never know who is watching. Gifts/rewards will be custom made just for you, it can be an award all the way to a paid position that didn't previously exist. Don't...

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If you love writing, you'll love coaching

Tricia Sitemere is the author of "I'm Sick of This Shit" and creator of the CTRL Alt Delete. As a fulfillment coach, she helps people find clarity around what they want out of life and then support them in getting into action and staying in action. 

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