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[product_name] - Bold Babes
[product_name] - Bold Babes

Branding By Industry Digital Guide

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THIS IS THE SOLUTION! This complete guide will teach you how to use PROVEN PSYCHOLOGY-BASED strategies to build a BRAND that potential clients can TRUST

The Branding By Industry Digital Guide was created with launching and redeveloping businesses in mind. 

Before you drop THOUSANDS on a graphic designer, you HAVE TO READ this guide first!

The Guide Includes

  •  Industry Breakdowns - We did research on WHY clients know, trust, and buy into the best in your industry
  •  Branding Boards - Visual Learner? We have created mock boards that you can build your BRANDING STRATEGY on
  •  BONUS COLOR GUIDE - Get a deeper understanding of the history, psychology, and sociology behind why humans associate particular colors with specific character traits. 

Product Description

  •  Printable Guide - 23 Pages Total
  •  Color- Pink 
  •  Table of Contents
  •  7 Branding Boards


UPON PURCHASE you will be prompted to download the planner. This product is digital and is for INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY.