Women have on average,

30 to 120 minutes of free time daily.

Yet the average business accelerator program lasts 19 weeks, requires an in-person delivery format and averages $25K - $50K.

Bold Babes Co provides access to all of the Education,


and Mentorship Opportunities of a traditional accelerator program

At an economical price and accessible self-paced online format.

Who is a Bold Babe? 


A bold babe is a young woman between the ages of 24 to 39 who is a small business owner, freelancer, or side hustler that is building her dream brand, or portfolio and is looking for a support system that will allow her to collaborate, develop, and grow within her industry.

A bold babe believes in giving back and is an active change maker in her local community. She is a natural influencer and her thought leadership is valued in both her personal and professional networks.

She understands her buying power and is invested in brands that serve causes that align with her values. Below is the average profile of a Bold Babe although every member may not fit exactly within the demographics listed.

 We focus on working with women between the ages of 24 and 39

We focus on working with millennial women who are launching, scaling, and exiting online entities.

 71.1% of our members make less than $60,000 when they start our programs

71.1% of our community members make LESS THAN $60,000 per year when they start our programs.

 80.6% of our members self identify as women of color

80.6% of our community members self identify as WOMEN OF COLOR

What Are Others Saying About The Bold Babes Community? 


"You won’t be disappointed!!"

- Marisa Williams

"Bold Babes helps women become great! It is an amazing organization and the support you get from them is a blessing! You learn, grow and collab with all the amazing bold babes!"

- Dani Diamond

"Wonderful organization by and for women. empowering and strong!"

- Kelsey Helland

The 4 Ways We Serve You  


The 4 Ways We Help You Start and Stay in Business


Since launching in 2018, the brand has expanded with an executive team and invested in programming and research that explores the question,

"What makes a woman successful as an internet entrepreneur?"

After over $30,000 in ongoing research efforts, common strategies that all women running successful digital brands were discovered.

Even better those strategies were used to craft our line of

✔️ Biz Box Digital Tools: Which help our Bold Babes build their businesses,

✔️ Goal Setting Session Program Curriculum: Which give our Bold Babes the foundational education to run their businesses,

✔️ One of a kind Accelerator Network Membership: Which gives new and scaling Bold Babes access to all Biz Box Tools and Goal Setting Education in addition to mentorship and grant opportunities for their business ,

✔️ and Innovative Podcast Network: That gives millennial women access to a platform that keeps them up to date on the subjects that matter to them led by voices that reflect their own. 



Bold Babes Co Founder, Shampaigne Graves




My name is Shampaigne, and I'm the creator of Bold Babes Companies LLC aka Bold Babes Co. With a dream of starting a t-shirt line to add to my blogging and influencer work at the time, I was only able to achieve my dream through the efforts of all the women in my network who gave their time, money, and leveraged their reputations to help build this community. After only a $20 initial monetary investment and TONS OF SWEAT EQUITY, Bold Babes Co was launched in my hometown of Dallas, TX. 

I'm so excited to work with you to build your online tribe like I did, and most importantly I'm excited you choose Bold Babes to be a part of your brand story. 

I know tons of female founders tend to lose touch with their tribe as their business gets bigger but I have committed to always welcoming each and every woman who purchases our products or enrolls in our programs.  

I'm always here for you babe so don't be afraid to reach out to me. 



Shampaigne Graves 

Founder of Bold Babes Co