Growing With Your Business

Bold Babes Companies is a multidivisional education and marketing firm that helps new entrepreneurs start and stay in business.

We specialize in working with new digital entrepreneurs to help them build sustainable businesses online. From there we leverage the power of podcast, event, and digital marketing to amplify their brands on a national stage as well as in their local communities. 

Yes, we traditionally work with women owned businesses but dudes are more than welcome to be a part of the BB family. We invite you to explore our brands to find the education or marketing solutions that fit your business journey. 

Education for Digital Entrepreneurship


The Bold Digital is an incubator program with 8 core modules designed to help you master your entrepreneurial mindset, build a sustainable online brand, and an all-star team that has your back!


Accessible Media for Small Businesses 


Bold Babes Radio is an innovative podcast network that features perspectives from a diverse collective of women in business. Hosts on the channel reflect their listener base and the brands showcased in our advertising amplify the products and services that matter to female founders.


Local Marketing and Media Solutions


Event Marketing Magazine is a dual quarterly publication, media and marketing firm that highlights the most Innovative Events in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. 


What do others think about Bold Babes Companies?  

"You won’t be disappointed!!"

- Marisa Williams

"Bold Babes helps women become great! It is an amazing organization and the support you get from them is a blessing! You learn, grow and collab with all the amazing bold babes!"

- Dani Diamond

"Wonderful organization by and for women. empowering and strong!"

- Kelsey Helland

Shampaigne Graves, Founder of Bold Babes Companies 



Founder and CEO of Bold Babes Companies. I started this business with a small budget and a big dream. The budget being only $20, I had to take bold action to build the multidivisional company in my head from the small t-shirt line and accidental grassroots community we started with. The first act was getting smart about what it took to build a sustainable business online. From there I knew I had to build platforms that allowed me to amplify my brands to the (mostly) female founded businesses who needed them. Podcasting became a natural and accessible medium that gave small business owners like me a national stage to tell our stories. But I knew how important it was to keep a local presence in my community as well. The traditional medium of the magazine was the perfect tool to carry out the vision of establishing a local presence for my brand in my hometown. 

In short I have used the same tools that have helped me succeed for our 250+ clients and counting. I’m excited to work even more. I invite you to explore how we can help your business launch and grow as well.