Meet Your Mentors

Bold Babes Co Mentors are the best and brightest in the online business industry.

Enjoy expertise and guidance from successful women who have invested millions of dollars into testing the strategies they teach so you don’t have to.

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 Ashley Allison
Ashley is a sales and marketing expert who helps her clients transition from their 9 - 5's by helping them scale to CONSISTENT 5-FIGURE MONTHS. Ashley is a master at strategic marketing techniques and sales systems.
Ashly Bright Wellness Expert
Ashly is the founder and CEO of Kitchworks;  where she works with her tribe the Kitchsquad Community to live their healthiest life through meal prepping and planning, yoga and holistic health. Ashly is determined to help professional women see that they can live their healthiest life through simple methods. 
 Cassie Moore
Having knocked out over 34K in debt in 16 months by shifting her money mindset; Cassie Moore is a financial mindset coach with a passion for smashing through limiting beliefs. Cassie will help you rewrite the lie you have been telling yourself about why you can’t make the money of your dreams.
Jillian Jade James
Jillian is a branding specialist and veteran business owner since 2005. She began in the event planning industry and transitioned into brand specialization when she discovered her own identity struggles in entrepreneurship. After getting a degree in Small Business Management, Jillian used her education to create branding for hundreds of women in business.