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Market your Business to a Global Community of Professional Millennial Women

The Bold Babes Co Resource Directory was created to be a platform where our community of professional millennial women can go to find the services providers that allow them to grow and scale their businesses. Our members get the convenience of not having to sort through quotes, or questionable online reviews. Instead, they come to the BBC Resource Directory and search through  national and local directories to find a small group of hand picked providers, that have been vigorously tested by the Bold Babes quality and efficiency standards.

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According to Lexington Law, millennial's spend a combined $600 billion each year in the United States.  40 percent of millennial's refer to reviews and testimonials before purchasing any products, and the number is even higher when they are purchasing products online. 

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Members of the Bold Babes Community 

Are between the ages of 21 to 35 
Are business owners, creatives, and professionals 
Are given development tools and education to understand why it's important to invest in women owned businesses

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Want to try out our directory benefits but don't want to commit? Did you know we offer a free 6 month trial on our annual directory listings? With a $50 extension option! Yes, you can market your B2B services to our global community of young female entrepreneurs your first year for only $50!!!

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