What we do

Bold Babes Co is a relationship brokerage firm that connects professional millennial women to the resources, development, and consumers that help them advance in their careers and businesses. We believe that we are the change we want to see and that we can use our power to uplift each other.

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, female buying power was valued at $1.7 Trillion in 2017 yet only 4.2% of women-owned firms had revenues of $1 million or more. This disparity is the reason why our firm has taken on the large task of creating an ecosystem that supports closing the gap between women as consumers and business owners. 

As a relationship brokerage firm, Bold Babes Co both develops consumers as well as business owners to understand why it is important to both invest their money in women-owned firms as well as make women a priority in their marketing, employment, and leadership efforts. 

We complete this mission through our Bold Babes Co programs and global collaboration platform, The Bold Babes Community. The Bold Babes Community consists of member forums, job boards, a mentor match platform, and group coaching. These programs were crafted by the requests of our members and we always make sure to keep our community in mind as we continue to scale this global endeavor. 

Membership is always free and development programs are supported by 25% of the profits from the following paid programs. 

  • Empowerment Merchandise Line 
  • Live Goal Setting Events 
  • Business Marketing Solutions 
  • Corporate Sponsorships