The Bold Digital Startup Incubator Program - Bold Babes Companies
The Bold Digital Startup Incubator Program - Bold Babes Companies
The Bold Digital Startup Incubator Program - Bold Babes Companies

The Bold Digital Startup Incubator Program

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Incubator Membership

Are you searching for a startup incubator program that provides education and funding?

The Bold Digital Startup Incubator was created for founders building sustainable online brands that need access to mentorship, tools, and funding opportunities. 

Our startup incubator program has 8 core modules designed to help you master your entrepreneurial mindset, build an unforgettable brand, scale your online business to 6+ figures, and build an all-star team that has your back!

Learn how to go from a random idea to wildly successful online business without investing a small fortune.

Can you relate?

  • You have an idea for an online business but don’t know where to start because the sheer volume of information online is totally overwhelming.

  • You’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on programs and courses promising to help you learn how to take your business to the next level only to find the content seriously lacking…

  • You know that in order to succeed you have to have systems in place, but have no idea how to design and set up those systems — and because you’re bootstrapping your business, you can’t afford to hire someone to do it for you.


It feels like there’s a piece of the puzzle missing one you’d learn if you could only figure out how to grab your seat at the cool kids table.

Introducing... The Bold Digital: Startup Incubator Program 

The Incubator Includes

  • Access to 8 core modules   that cover money mindset mastery, health for business owners, establishing your brand identity, social impact and how to make a name for yourself in your industry, how to build an online system that sells, partnering with other brands to elevate your success, crafting your brand’s voice, building a team to support you throughout your journey
  • Expertise and guidance from successful founders   who have invested millions of dollars into testing the strategies they teach so you don’t have to. 
  • New content to keep your business on track and growing — because this  isn’t your average startup incubator.
  • The Digital Goal Setting Planner  The ONLY tool you'll need to set, track, and reach your business goals. 
  • Access to 20+ Digital Tools   that help you build a sustainable online brand.
  • Entry to The Bold Digital $500 Startup Pitch Competition because you have a great business idea and we want to invest in it! 

After purchase you will be prompted to download The Bold Digital Incubator Welcome Package, The Digital Goal Setting Journal and included digital stickers. This purchase is for individual use only. 

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  1. How Much Does The Bold Digital Cost? The Bold Digital is four interest free payments of $61 annually or $111. 25 for lifetime access when using "Shop Pay" payment installments. 
  2. How Long Do You Get Access to the Materials? For one calendar year if you become an annual member or for a lifetime if you purchase lifetime membership! Our team understands that it takes time to learn and run your business which is why all of the materials inside The Bold Digital are online and self-paced. Set your own schedule and work at your own pace. 
  3. What's included with the purchase? Access to a private Youtube feed with 20+ trainings and growing, Access to private Facebook group where you can connect with other cohorts and get access to bonus group coaching, Access to Digital Tool vault inside Google Drive. Download access to The Digital Goalsetting Planner and 20 Digital Stickers.
  4. Is there a refund policy? No because of the digital nature of the program there aren't refunds issued. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase please email 
  5. How does the pitch competition work? Paid members of the incubator program will be invited to apply to enter The Bold Digital $500 Startup Pitch Competition. The competition will be held Q1 of every year and the top startups selected will pitch their startup to a panel of business experts. The winning startup will receive $500 cash in addition to other business services. 
  6. My business isn't online, can I still join? Of course! The education presented inside the program can be applied to the operation of a brick and mortar business and the convenient format of the program makes it accessible to all business owners. 

Women Building Online Brands Need Specific Tools

Self Paced

When running a business outside of your home, the last thing you need is a time sensitive program that doesn't account for the life you live outside of your business. Which is why our tools are


No Fluff, Just Strategy, and made to be completed on short timetables.


Startups are exactly that, JUST STARTING!

So we believe that providing financially accessible tools that give homegrown founders the same materials of seasoned competitors in their industries.

Without paying a small fortune.

Made For Your Business


Business Education that Actually Fits in YOUR SCHEDULE!

Our collection of strategic resources & tools gives you the education, tools, and resources you need to
- RUN 
Your dream online business. 

Ethical commitment to our bold babes community