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Podcast Startup Digital Guide - Bold Babes Co
Podcast Startup Guide
Podcast Startup Digital Guide - Bold Babes Co

Podcast Startup Guide

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How do I start a podcast? How do I get my show on apple podcasts? The podcast startup guide is the step by step guide that helps you get your show launched on all the major podcasting platforms.  

This Guide was created for bold babes who want to AMPLIFY their brand on a WORLDWIDE platform. 

We've broken it ALL DOWN from current industry statistics to budget-friendly equipment solutions, this guide has it all. 

Other features include

  •  Apple Itunes Guide- Learn how to get your show on the most popular listening platforms
  •  Show Genre Strategy- Find the right lane for your show
  •  BONUS EQUIPMENT GUIDE - Get the equipment you NEED to produce the show of your dreams, all while staying in budget. 

Product Description

  •  Printable Guide - 17 Pages Total
  •  Color- Pink 
  •  Table of Contents


UPON PURCHASE you will be prompted to download the guide. This product is digital and is for INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY. 

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Women Building Online Brands Need Specific Tools

Self Paced

When running a business outside of your home, the last thing you need is a time sensitive program that doesn't account for the life you live outside of your business. Which is why our tools are


No Fluff, Just Strategy, and made to be completed on short timetables.


Startups are exactly that, JUST STARTING!

So we believe that providing financially accessible tools that give homegrown founders the same materials of seasoned competitors in their industries.

Without paying a small fortune.

Made For Your Business


Business Education that Actually Fits in YOUR SCHEDULE!

Our collection of strategic resources & tools gives you the education, tools, and resources you need to
- RUN 
Your dream online business. 

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