Technology Branding Package

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You've always been the resident nerd, and now you're ready to MAKE A NAME for yourself and a PROFIT for your bank account!

But you are NOT a graphic designer, you're bootstrapping your dream, and need a branding solution quick.

You need to purchase this branding package! 

The text, colors, and elements included in this design were created with PSYCHOLOGY in mind. 


We did the research and discovered the branding elements that your IDEAL CLIENTS are attracted to when working with similar brands in your field. 

It was a combination of this PSYCHOLOGY, STATISTICS on trending font scripts, and SPATIAL DESIGN that was used to create the logos and branding board in this package. 

This Branding Package Includes
  •  Branding Board- Use this board to CONSISTENTLY create content that is aligned with your brand's aesthetic
  •  Primary Logo- Great for PR, Website, and Official Transcripts 
  •  Alternate Logo- Greate for Social Media, and Secondary Content Creations

Product Description


UPON PURCHASE you will be prompted to download the instructions on how to access and customize the designs included in this package. This product is digital and is for INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY.